Why Solar?

Reasons To Choose Solar Energy

There are so many benefits to using solar energy. The first being the impact on the environment. Solar energy uses sunlight to create electricity. It is an effective, green & renewable energy source.

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The carbon footprint of our solar panels is quite small, as they last a long time. Even after that time, many of the components in the panels can be recycled. We choose our batteries specifically for their efficiency and lower impact on the environment.

Compared to other forms of green energy such as wind-turbines, we believe Solar PV to be superior as well as being cheaper and easier to produce for our customers. It does not need full sunlight to produce electricity, so even on a cloudy winter’s day in the UK, it can still keep your lights shining!

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solar panel installation

We can mount solar panels on your roof, or on the ground, depending on your individual situation. Our bespoke solar systems are very versatile.

You can choose to reduce your reliance on the grid, but stay connected, or you can go completely off-grid and remove all costs associated with on-grid electricity.

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Going solar is not as expensive as you might think. We can give you a payback period calculation, estimating when you’re likely to have broken even. Reduce your electricity costs and your carbon footprint – contact us today!