On Grid Solar

What is ‘On-Grid Solar’?

‘On-Grid Solar’ means that you are still connected to the national electricity grid, as well as producing your own solar energy. Our on-grid solar energy systems will switch seamlessly between your own solar-produced energy and the grid’s energy supply. You may choose to do this if you don’t want the extra battery cost or don’t have the room for battery storage. Some customers are also initially concerned about not producing enough solar energy from the solar system.

In fact, for most people, very little room is needed for battery storage and they are a low purchase cost. We pride ourselves on getting our customers off-grid and away from the standing charges of staying on-grid.

Most customers who initially decide to stay on-grid in case they run out of energy, generally come totally off-grid after their first year with us, as they become confident that they have never run out of solar energy and realise there is no need for the extra expense of staying connected to the national grid.

With Or Without Battery Storage

We understand that some customers want to remain connected to the national grid and our on-grid solar energy systems will still dramatically reduce your energy bills and impact on the environment. With our on-grid solar energy systems, you can choose systems with or without battery storage.

You can just use the electricity supplied by the panels as they create it, with no battery storage, and then seamlessly and automatically swap to the national grid’s electricity if output exceeds supply. You’ll be able to see real time usage and where it’s being supplied from on our app.

Alternatively, you may choose to have some battery storage, which could be used before swapping to the national grid, or kept as reserve electricity for potential blackouts or disruption from the national grid. Our solar energy systems are versatile and can be made bespoke to suit your requirements.

You can always choose to cease your on-grid energy in the future, using the same solar panels and increasing battery storage if necessary.