Off Grid Solar

What is ‘Off-Grid Solar’?

‘Off-Grid Solar’ means that you are no longer connected to the national electricity grid. We specialise in off-grid solar energy. We pride ourselves on reducing our customers’ energy bills and their impact on the environment. We tailor our bespoke solar energy systems to suit your needs and use meter monitoring to accurately calculate your electric usage, before designing your off-grid solar energy system. Should your energy requirements grow in the future, your system can grow with you. You can watch your energy usage flow and energy storage on our app.

Our off-grid solar energy systems are suitable for a range of uses, from home use to large commercial use. The number of solar panels and batteries is worked out carefully, based on your energy usage. These can be sited in various locations, so the panels can be on a roof or on the ground and the batteries can be in a dwelling or outside.

Our reliable battery storage means you can store all the surplus energy you produce, ready for when you need it. Both the solar panel system and the battery storage can be expanded should your energy needs grow in the future.

Many customers are surprised at the low initial setup cost of the off-grid solar energy system and the ease at which it can be sited. It shouldn’t be long before you’ve covered the cost using what you would have spent on electricity and then you can start making savings… for many years to come.