Industrial Solar

We can provide industrial solar energy systems, suitable for large companies with high power output. Extortionate electrical prices from the national grid have crippled some companies, but we can help slash your electricity bills. The initial outlay to go solar can quickly be recuperated. The more electricity you use, the more you can save.

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solar panel array on industrial building roof

We will attend a site visit and conduct accurate metre monitoring, along with assessing the most effective locations for siting the solar panels and battery storage. We can mount solar panels on your roof, or on the ground, depending on your individual situation. Our bespoke solar energy systems are very versatile.

Once up and running, we will continue to monitor your system and electrical usage and adjust the system as needed to ensure that you are at maximum efficiency. Should your business’s electrical needs grow, your solar energy system can grow with you. You’ll also be able to view your business’s electricity flow on our app.

Our solar panels typically last between 25 – 30 years, making them a sound investment. Being green energy, they are also kind to the environment. Contact us for a free quote today.