Commercial Solar

With energy bills currently at extortionate rates, we can make a huge difference to your energy outgoings. We provide commercial solar energy systems, designed to suit your business needs. The initial outlay may not be as much as you think and is often quickly recuperated compared to the cost of current national grid electrical costs.

As well as helping to drastically reduce your business outgoings, you’ll also be helping the environment. This in turn, can be a positive selling point for your business.

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solar panel arrays on commercial building

We’ll visit your site to evaluate your electrical needs and provide a free quote. Following careful analysis and accurate metre monitoring, we will design a bespoke solar energy system to suit your business’s energy needs. This can be on or off-grid. We will discuss the best siting of your panels and battery storage (if required). Solar panels can be roof-mounted or on the ground.

Our solar energy systems are reliable and long-lasting. We will continue to monitor your electric usage and adjust your system as required. If your business’s energy needs grow, your solar energy system can grow with it. Now is the time to go solar. Contact us today.