Battery Storage

Battery storage provides a place to store surplus electricity from your solar panels, saving it for when you need it later. You don’t have to have battery storage, but we think in most cases, it’s worth it. It reduces your reliance on the national grid, and saves you money.

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battery storage

With battery storage, you can choose to come completely off-grid and still have all the electricity you need at all times, day or night. You can also choose to just have battery storage for emergency use to protect you from national grid power outages.

The size of siting battery storage is probably not as large as you might think. Depending on your requirements, some battery storage for the home can fit in a cupboard or mounted on an outside wall, or you might want it away from the home, in a small shed or outhouse. For larger businesses with high electrical output, we’ll discuss optimal battery locations during our initial site visit.

We provide battery storage to suit your individual needs. Whether you be a small home or a large industrial business, we’ll design your solar energy system based on your individual requirements, with efficiency and cost paramount. Our battery systems can be built on, should your electricity usage grow. Contact us for a free quote today.