Agricultural Solar

Our solar energy systems are perfect for agricultural application. Electricity costs from the national grid have sky-rocketed, putting immense pressure on many agricultural businesses. Many agricultural operations have a high energy output, but they also have the space and often ideal locations for siting solar panels, whether than be on agricultural buildings or on the ground.

Initial outlay is quickly recuperated and as the solar panels typically last for 25 – 30 years, they provide an excellent return on investment, with savings to be made for many years to come.

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solar panel array on agricultural building roof

We will provide a free site visit and quote. This will include metre monitoring to gain an accurate idea of your electrical usage. Should your business’s electrical needs grow, your solar energy system can grow with you.

Once up and running, we will continue to monitor your system and electrical usage and adjust the system as needed to ensure that you are at maximum efficiency. You’ll also be able to view your business’s electricity flow on our app.

Now is the time to move to solar energy and save yourself from those high ongoing electrical costs. Contact us for a free quote today.